Moto Guzzi customs at
The One Moto Show 2018

The 2018 edition of “The One Moto Show” (9-11 February, Portland, Oregon) was a great success

The One Moto Show began nine years ago in Portland, Oregon, with one goal in mind - to celebrate the "weird, rare and unconventional bikes, which we love, so that everyone can see them."
The show, held in an abandoned warehouse, has grown every year, and this trend continued at this past February for the ninth edition of the custom motorcycle show.
Many beautiful machines were on display, including four Moto Guzzi motorcycles from three builders: Church of Choppers, Motivada Cycles and Untitled Motorcycles, which are highlighted in the below photo gallery.
Speaking more about the show, the organizers say: “We began without any idea of how things would go, not to mention what might happen subsequently, or expectations for the following 10 years.
"Today it’s hard to believe that we pulled it off: our motivation for carrying on is the feeling that we’re telling people about something we love; we want to give motorcycling fresh impetus, and we want to be inclusive and encourage people to take part."
This sentiment has proven itself year over year. Need more proof? Check out the 1Moto Show on Instagram, which now has over 52,000 followers.
Things are already heating up for 2019 - the 10th anniversary of The One Moto Show.
Following are some photos of customized Moto Guzzi bikes seen at the 1Moto Show 2018:
      Church of Choppers' Moto Guzzi V11 Sport
      Motovida Cycle’s Moto Guzzi V9 Tracker
      Untitled Motorcycles’ award-winning Moto Guzzi Supernaturale
      Untitled Motorcycles’ Fat Tracker Moto Guzzi