Moto Studio Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer to Urban Scrambler Concept: Build Update


Moto Studio Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer Pro Build Project



The Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer arrives as a conventional all-round street bike, and the V9 Bobber switches the basic bike’s look to a blacked-out factory custom.

The stock bikes share a 90° transverse air-and oil-cooled 850cc V-twin engine with aluminum cylinder heads, cylinders, pistons, and one-piece Marelli electronic fuel injection system. They share a common six speed transmission and shaft final drive system.

Moto Studio took a look at the V9 Roamer and realized the bike had the right bones for a major departure, even while many of the basic styling elements would be retained.

“The goal is to present a bike that is in keeping with design philosophies currently utilized by Moto Studio, yet retain design queues of the original V9,” Moto Studio says of its Moto Guzzi V9 Pro Build Project.

Looking at other Moto Studio builds, those design philosophies include lean, functional, lightweight and purposeful. The end product follows the feature list that includes everything you need, and nothing you don’t. From the barely-there tail section and minimalist Moto Studio aluminum front fender to the drilled brake discs, the machine is emphatically not all show and no go.

“The concept of the build will be an urban scrambler, utilizing a set of WP USD forks with more travel, mated to our proprietary triple clamp. Rear suspension will be converted to a monoshock with travel to match. Tire choice will be appropriate for 70% road 30% off road,” the release continues.

The V9’s stock suspension utilizes long-travel (130 mm) inverted front forks, and a pair of spring preload adjustable shock absorbers at the rear mounted to a double down-tube steel cradle frame. The switch from the twin-shock rear suspension to custom-built monoshock includes fabrication of a bespoke Moto Studio swing arm, subframe, footpeg mounts and custom two-into-one exhaust headers fitted with a Cone Engineering muffler.

As extensive as those mods are, they are not the whole list; substantial work is devoted to controls, electronics, fuel tank and fuel delivery system. Perhaps the most surprising change is the removal of fuel injection and replacement with Dellorto carburetors fitted with screen-capped, polished aluminum ram tubes.
“In order to streamline the bike and emphasize the engine and drivetrain, all switchgear and electronics will be removed and replaced by switches and control units by Motogadget. Fuel delivery will be via a set of Dellorto Carburetors. The original gas tank will be slightly re-shaped on the top rear-most section, to coincide with the higher seating position,” the Moto Studio project release says.

The aesthetics of the Moto Studio Moto Guzzi V9 Urban Scrambler will be as Spartan and crisp as the entire bike. Moto Studio explains it thus:

“Paint scheme will utilize original dark yellow with black stripes and logo, with a satin clear. V9 logo will appear on seat cowl. Moto Studio logo will appear on top triple clamp.”

Complete statistics and specifications aren’t available yet, but it’s an easy guess that they will be mission-driven.