Moto Guzzi at IMS Chicago

We had a great time at the recent Chicago International Motorcycle Show (IMS).


At the show, Moto Guzzi was represented with a full 2017 line, with thanks in part to our local dealer, Windy City. In addition to the all-new MGX-21, V9 Bobber and V9 Roamer we were able to get the new V7 III Anniversario, V7 III Stone Verde and V7 III Special to the show just in time. JB, Windy City's GM commented, “The fit and finish of the new Moto Guzzis is phenomenal, with the V7 III Anniversario getting lots of attention. The entire California line really stood out, and drew both those that knew the brand and a huge group of those that hadn't been familiar. The V7s had lots of questions being asked, and lots of butts in the seats to get a feel. Nothing but positive response on everything!”


The Chicago IMS was a great way to kick off the season, and now we're even more excited for riding season to get here!


New 2017's will be arriving in dealerships across the country soon, and we still have killer deals on remaining 2016 models. Head on down to your local Moto Guzzi dealer to check them out. You can even schedule a test ride before you head in.