Moto Guzzi: Mass Appeal at The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show

Moto Guzzi at The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show 2018


The growth story of The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show 2018 speaks for itself. After four years at Austin’s Fair Market during MotoGP Weekend, for 2018 the vintage motorcycle show had to move to the Austin American Statesman building on Congress Avenue in downtown Austin.


Sure the show is about custom motorcycles, but the avenue overlooking the Colorado River provided some additional eye candy for the more than 42,000 spectators over three nights. They were able to witness a natural phenomenon in Austin; each night, 1.5 million bats take flight 20 minutes before sundown.


Bats are cool. But custom bikes are much cooler. And Moto Guzzi was a huge part of this coolness.


We brought along our newest lineup of V7 IIIs, along with the four motorcycles involved in our V9 Project Build.


On display from our V7 III lineup were the Rough, Milano, Carbon Dark and Carbo Shine. This bikes speak to the custom crowd because the look like custom builds directly from our Mandello del Lario facility in Italy.


Each new model speaks to a certain customer attitude:


  • V7 III Rough has an unmistakable urban look that’s delivered in a backcountry style
  • V7 III Milano, which is a city-focused bike that is an evolution of the V7 III Special
  • V7 III Carbon Dark speaks to those who seek darked-out styling
  • V7 III Carbon Shine is for those who seek anything but darked-out styling; it features many chrome parts such as the fuel tank, exhaust system, shock absorbers, spring, grab handle and mirrors.


Also at the show were the finished products from our 2017 V9 Custom Builder Project.


The project targeted builders who already had a deep respect for the Eagle brand, and are celebrated internationally for their work.


Moto Guzzi USA had commissioned four of the world’s top builders to instill some additional individuality and uniqueness into the V9 platform:



We’re already amped for next year’s show. If you’re attending, drop by and check out our latest models - we will surely show something new like we did this year.