Moto Guzzi V7 Carbon Shine
When Chrome Means Everything

Try taking your eyes off it. We dare you.

You can tell a lot about people by their motorcycle. A race bike suggests a competitive spirit and dark motorcycle means they probably keep things low key.

But chrome? These people are flashy, wanting all the attention possible. And then some.

We aren’t against it. Chrome is absolutely magnificent – especially on a sporty standard. This is exactly why we built the V7 Carbon Shine.


Chrome From Top to Bottom

Once you set your eyes on the V7 Carbon Shine, you’ll have a hard time looking away. Like one of those things you probably shouldn’t look at, but you really, really want to.

The 5.6-gallon fuel tank will probably take your focus. It’s completely chrome, giving off a reflection that can be seen from miles away.

And if you just so happen to get your eyes off the tank, there’s plenty of other chrome to steal your attention. Seriously, it’s covered in it. The exhaust, mirrors, headlight ring and passenger grab handle are blindingly shiny.

We told you; this thing will grab your attention and never let it go.

And then there are the carbon details, as its name suggests. The front fender and side fairings are made of top-shelf carbon fiber, if you didn’t already think the V7 Carbon Shine was trick.


V-Twin Power and Quick Handling, Because it’s Not All About Looks

When you can get yourself to stop drooling over the V7 Carbon Shine and turn a wheel, a distinctive feel will fuel your love affair for it that much more.

The basis of the Carbon Shine is the same 744cc V-twin engine found on the rest of the V7 lineup. This thing will lay down 52 horsepower while it delivers a throaty pitch, making everyone on the block look your way.

Complementing the V7’s power is a balanced chassis and refined suspension. It tackles the tight city streets and canyon sweepers like it was made for this stuff. Stable, but light on its feet.


Comfort is Key

And if the V7 Carbon Shine hasn’t already pulled you in, its perfected ergonomic numbers will.

At 30.3 inches, the Carbon Shine’s seat height is low, making it easy to navigate cities with bustling traffic. It’s also friendly to less experienced riders or those with a short inseam measurement.

A relaxed handlebar bend and comfortable reach to the foot pegs takes things further, giving the V7 the ability to act as a city commuter or day-long warrior. You choose. Either way, the V7 Carbon Shine will agree.