V85 TT Adventure: Home Court Test


Nic De Sena was one of the lucky individuals who had the luxury of testing the V85 TT Adventure in Sardinia last year during the V85 TT launch. After his original assessment of the machine and his belief that it is a significant leap forward for the brand, he was interested in testing the bike in his home court to experience the full range of capabilities.
The middleweight adventure bike segment is a compilation of bikes that are technical and advanced where most of the competition thrives either off road or on road but rarely both. In order to create a bike that is capable on road and off road it is essential to keep a few factors in mind like weight, size, power, wheel size, electronics, safety features, comfortability and above all: ease of use. A true adventure bike is able to transition from street to road without any or very little adjustments. The V85 TT Adventure adopts the best of both worlds by feeling very stable and comfortable on road while allowing the rider to hit the unbeaten path with ease.
“Thanks to ample geometry figures that bode well on and off-road, the generous 60.2-inch wheelbase and relaxed 28 degrees of rake encourages impressive stability. The V85 TT tips into corners gently, requiring little effort from the rider. One can sit atop the plush seat, enjoy the spacious cockpit and wide handlebars, telepathically voicing your intentions, letting it sort everything out through the corner. Even when the need to carve up the corners as if you’re one of the sportbike lads does arise, the V85 TT abides.” – Nic De Sena
The V85 TT Adventure makes itself at home on pavement thanks to a new and improved air-cooled small block 850cc v-twin engine taken from the V9 range, with increased power and torque. A simple crack of the throttle and the V85 TT smoothly overtakes any traffic ahead. Along with the increase in power it is important to make sure both wheels feel firmly planted at all times, especially when leaning into corners at higher speed. Thanks to the 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels, the V85 allows the rider to feel comfortable enough to start scraping foot-pegs. Often times adventure bikes are equipped with 21-inch front wheels which are killer off road but make high speed street riding unnerving, which is not the case with the V85 TT Adventure.
In conclusion the V85 TT Adventure is able to combine the world of street riding and off-road trail riding into a perfect, well rounded package. As Nic De Sena of Ultimate Motorcycling states “The V85 TT Adventure is entirely capable of completing the type of off-roading that most, if not all, adventure riders will be doing in their careers. The other machines, again, are going to be better at it, but this is where the touring potential bubbles through. So, pack those panniers full of camping gear, and toss a dart at the map with a mind to hit the road and trail. If you want something undeniably unique, the 2020 Moto Guzzi V85 TT Adventure is worth a test ride.”