Three V7 IIIs, Three Different Emotions:
The Mighty Motor Shoot

Moto Guzzi Joins The Mighty Motor for Lifestyle Apparel Shoot


We recently teamed up with LA's full-service creative agency dedicated to motorsports, The Mighty Motor, for a photo shoot that included products by Aether Apparel and Equilibrialist.
The bike choice was easy due to the apparel being highlighted: the V7 III.
We brought along three of our newest V7 III models:
       Carbon Dark
       Carbon Shine
Each bike represents a different type of personality. The Carbon Dark speaks to those seeking a sleek high-performance look, the red cylinder head, brake calipers and logos complimenting the carbon look.
The Carbon Shine deals with direct opposite taste in styling over the Dark; the Shine is for those who like everything chrome. The reflection off this V7 III highlights a rider's personality like no other.
The Rough is for those in between. The rider who doesn't want much flash, but enough to keep the onlookers, well, looking.
With The Mighty Motor photographers Shaik Ridzwan and Jose Gallina, the three V7s headed up California's coastal Highway 1 to Ojai, which is on the edge of Los Padres National Forest.
After taking in a day of shooting, the trip finished at Caravan Outpost where The Mighty Motor says its "riders swapped tales over beers around a campfire before retiring to CO’s Airstreams for some sleep."
Here are some of our favorites from The Mighty Motor excursion with some of the best looking naked motorcycles offered.


Photography by Shaik Ridzwan and Jose Gallina.