Spirit of the Eagle Rideaway

Moto Guzzi USA launched the “Spirit of the Eagle” contest online earlier this year, while many were at home daydreaming of the next time they would get to ride. Now, the contest has completed, three winners were selected to experience the ride of their dreams, with accommodations from Moto Guzzi.


The first winner to partake in their adventure was Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Beth Young. When first speaking with Kevin he expressed his excitement for the trip as it was “such great news, since this year has not been great for anyone”. Specifically, Kevin had been struggling with COVID-19 earlier in the year and choose to inform his Instagram fan base that unfortunately he will be taking some time off and possibly not returning to social media. Luckily Moto Guzzi was able to brighten up his year and give him the opportunity to partake in the trip of a lifetime.


Kevin immediately started to plan out his trip to visit some of the most beautiful and iconic locations around the US. His original plan included starting in Fort Collins Colorado and working his way to Breckinridge, Aspen, Million Dollar Highway, Durango, Monument Valley and Moab, Utah. He wanted to be able to test the new Moto Guzzi V85 TT Travel in a range of different elements and terrain while enjoying a week away from being locked in doors.


While speaking with Kevin about his trip and ironing out the details we were able to build a unique relationship with him speaking about his struggles with COVID-19, his experience professionally, his previous motorcycle adventures, his knowledge of the motorcycle business and his pure passion for motorcycling. This was the true essence of “The Spirit of the Eagle Rideaway”. We wanted to provide the opportunity for individuals to take a step away from their current responsibilities of life, especially with all of the difficulties surrounding the current pandemic, to enjoy the open road, explore new regions and live life freely again. Motorcycling isn’t just about having the newest bike with the latest technology, it’s a culture that wants to enjoy the bliss of being free and living life to the fullest.


As part of our commitment to all the winners, we supplied Kevin with the brand new V85 TT Travel. You may be wondering what the differences between the V85 TT Adventure and the V85 TT Travel are, and why we choose to provide the Travel edition. The new V85 TT Travel is equipped with additional features such as heated hand grips, auxiliary lights, travel side cases, a new desert themed paint job and a taller windscreen, appropriate for long distance travels, like this one celebrated by Kevin and Beth. In combination, all additional features allow the rider to feel more comfortable and at ease along their journey. Since Kevin and Beth were traveling two-up, we also fitted the bike with the top box featured on the V85 TT Adventure model, to make storage a breeze.


Along his journey Kevin was able to see how well the V85 TT Travel lived up to its name. On September 9th Kevin posted on his Instagram (@2uptogether), a picture of him and his wife standing with the V85 TT Travel between a gorgeous red rock mountain range. At this point in his travel he has had the V85 for a few days and truly was getting the feel of what the machine had to offer. “Wow! Right outside of Moab is Highway 128 that hugs the Colorado River. It is an A+ motorcycle road. We ripped around it most of the day. The bike felt more like the 1200cc I am accustomed too without all of our stuff weighing it down. Being down in the canyon without all of the wind noise I could hear the v-twin engine sing. I admit I like the sound. It sounds like a motorcycle should sound. The rumble is unmistakable v-twin at low speeds and it purrs at high speed. Now that I am used to the gearbox and throttle, I has a ball riding those curves. The gearbox is smooth and shifts effortlessly. The bike handles great. It turns in easy and tracks so well.” Even with the unexpected, harsh weather conditions thrown at them they truly enjoyed their trip!


If you are interested in learning more about their trip, make sure you follow @2uptogether on Instagram! For more information on the bike please visit us at Moto Guzzi USA.


Stay tuned for more stories from the rest of the winners!