Moto Guzzi V7 Rough | Country Spirit in a Modern World




A modern motorcycle with an old soul


Motorcycles started as tools. No features, no gadgets, just bare bones equipment. In the old days, riders used them to get from point A to point B—or in those times, the farm to town on country roads.


We are bringing the classic spirit to present day with the V7 Rough, a modern motorcycle with vintage character.



Classic Looks, Modern Ride

From the shoes up, the V7 Rough is all country. A set of spoked wheels highlight the classic feel, which are fitted with knobbies that will carve up light gravel roads, while holding its own on the city streets.


The V7’s classic spirit lives on in the details, from the stitching on the two-rider saddle to aluminum side covers and passenger grab strap. Modern on the inside, vintage on the out. Worthy of a head turn, in more ways than one.


Should the looks not get you, the 744cc V-twin engine will. Pumping out 52 horsepower and 44.2 ft. lbs. of torque at 4,900 rpm, the V7 will sing through the country and tight alleys alike. Strong, throaty, and fun.


Complementing the V7 Rough’s powerhouse is six-speed gearbox, which offers fluid shifting at every flick of the lever. The engine package is raw, but refined at the same time. Perfect for less-experienced riders, but a hoot for serious ones.



Present Day Chassis Performance

The V7 Rough’s styling cues make the bike feel, well, classic. That is until you escape on the backcountry roads. Whatever your route contains, the V7 will handle.


We built this motorcycle to be stable, but that’s not say it won’t tackle a tight set of switchbacks or tear up gravel roads. It’s balanced, offering tons of stability for cruising. It’s also lively, meaning it likes to be ridden with aggression. You choose.


A modern four-piston Brembo front brake caliper helps with handling, quickly bringing the V7 to a controlled stop. Oh, and it even gets an up-to-date ABS system as standard equipment.


Suspension is built to handle whatever comes next. And in the V7 Rough’s case, this means a 40mm telescopic front fork and twin shock absorbers out back. It’s comfortable enough for a leisurely cruise, but has enough support to handle spirited riding, on road or off.


The market asked for a mix of country spirit with modern performance. We delivered.