Moto Guzzi V7 Milano
Catering to Urban Riders

Balance was Never So Simple

The modern-classic segment is booming. Rider’s here are demanding classic styling cues, but in a package boasting modern performance—finding the balance is a difficult thing to do. We, however, are confident that we hit it spot on.


Enter the V7 Milano.


Targeted directly at this market, the Milano is built to conquer bustling city streets, and turn a few heads in the process. It has all the capability, with the correct amount of flair.



Legendary V-Twin Power to Tear Up the Streets

The heart of the Milano is the same 744cc V-Twin engine as the rest of the V7 family. This goes a long way in owning the asphalt, mainly because power delivery is mellow enough to handle stopped traffic, but will get you to your destination fast enough for a story to tell. How fast?


The V7’s twin-cylinder powerplant puts down a 52 horsepower, with peak torque measuring 44.2 ft. lbs. at 4,900 rpm.


A new six-speed gearbox helps here, too. Shifting in either direction is crisp, which assists in keeping the V7’s chassis planted to the ground. Smooth is comfortable, and smooth is fast.



Nimble Handling Makes All the Difference

Five minutes. That’s all you need to fall in love with the V7 Milano’s chassis package.


We put focus optimizing the V7 Milano’s balance—our chassis department took this especially serious. The chassis is lively and yearns to be ridden with aggression, but remains composed when given serious input.


Smooth suspension action from a 40mm telescopic front fork and twin rear shock absorbers assists in this. The V7 will plow through potholes, over railroad tracks and off curbs. Everything.


Skimp on braking components? Never. A four-piston Brembo brake caliper out front helps bring the V7 to a halt, with ABS coming as standard equipment.


The V7 Milano’s seat height is low, measuring 30.3 inches. For this reason, the V-twin finds its happy place in carving through traffic and through tight alleys.



Modern Performance With Retro Looks

Try taking your eyes off the Milano. We dare you.


The V7 might come equipped with modern equipment, but sticks to the classic Moto Guzzi styling. If by chance you get your eyes off the glossy tank, you’ll catch the shiny aluminum fenders and side fairings. If these drew you in, think about what it will do for others.


And what’s more appealing than chrome? We fitted the Milano with a chrome-finished exhaust and passenger grab handles. Bling, bling.


Finally, a retro dual-dial instrument panel highlights the cockpit, completing the Milano’s retro appearance.