Moto Guzzi V7 Carbon Dark | Keeping it Blacked Out

A beautiful blend of old styling with modern performance

There are two types of riders. The first ones are after the bling factor. They want it shiny, and nothing less—bling, bling. Just so people can see them coming for miles.

Then there’s others. These ones prefer to roll under the radar. Their bikes are trick, but only in the close-up details. And they’re blacked out, preferably.

We have the answer for this type of rider in the form of the V7 Carbon Dark.


Low Profile, but Trick in the Details

The V7 Carbon Dark has a certain aura about it. Part mystique, part mean.

From afar, the Carbon Dark rolls low key. Everything is blacked out, and we mean everything. Tires up, this thing is deep on the color spectrum. Even the billet aluminum gas cap, headlight frame, injector covers, and rear brake master cylinder are anodized black to add to the mystique of this V7.

In the details, the V7 Carbon Dark gets splashed with carbon fiber pieces, most notably the sleek fenders and side fairings. Yeah, it’s lightweight, but also worthy of some serious attention.

Then there are the eye-catching details that give the Carbon Dark a mean persona. We painted all the accents red, just so the bike doesn’t go completely unnoticed. This means we made sure the Brembo brake caliper, cylinder heads, Moto Guzzi logos, and even the stitching on the seat are clad in red.

Speaking of, the saddle on the Carbon Dark is made of a water-repellent Alcantara material.

V-Twin Power to Uncover the Cloak

The only thing giving away the Carbon Dark’s whereabouts is the throaty pitch of its legendary 744cc V-twin powerplant. This thing sings as it builds its steam, putting out 52 horsepower and over 44 ft./lbs of torque at 4900 rpm.

This V-twin is quick, but in a gentle way. Initial throttle response is smooth, but powers on as it climbs through the revs. It begs to be ridden with some aggression. Try it. You won’t be disappointed.


Keeping the V-Twin Power in Check

We get it. You want to ride the V7 Carbon Dark hard. So do we. That’s why we gave it a forgiving, yet nimble chassis to unleash more character.

Out front, a set of 40mm telescopic front forks keep things riding smooth, as do the dual rear shock absorbers. And if you didn’t catch it before, a bright red, four-piston Brembo brake caliper keeps the Carbon Dark’s V-twin power in check.

Because all good things must come to a stop.