Meet the Moto Guzzi V85 TT | Ready for Serious Adventure

A beautiful blend of old styling with modern performance

Motorcycling is about the adventure. When the asphalt ends, the ride should continue on.

Down dirt trails, over rock gardens, and through water crossings. This is what riding is all about. The best part of it all? It usually ends with a story worthy of passing down to the generations to come.

In the old days, this was the normal. Riders didn’t just turn around because their motorcycle wasn’t “meant” to handle the next obstacle. They geared up and conquered it, moving onto the next. No excuses, zero.

For the little bit of old soul in us, there’s a brand-new Moto Guzzi built to handle it all—the V85 TT.


Keeping It Classic

Everyone has his or her own definition of beauty, so what is it to us? How about a do-it-all motorcycle elegantly dressed in classic styling cues? Go ahead - try taking your eyes off the V85 TT.

The V85 TT has a way of pulling—OK, tugging—at your heartstrings and never letting up. We’ll admit it; these were exactly our intentions. The design started at the fuel tank, which is highly reminiscent of the classic Moto Guzzis built for the Dakar rally. You know, to give you that superhero feel of legendary off-road racers.

Happen to get your eyes off the tank and you’ll notice a dual headlight design and high-mount front fender. Oh, and a set of spoked wheels a bit more of that classic flare to the TTs style.


Modern Function Added to Timeless Styling


OK, so we built the V85 TT to be the definition of what a Classic Enduro should look like, but that doesn’t mean we skipped adding some serious capabilities.

The heart of the classic enduro is a twin-cylinder air-cooled 850cc engine, which is built to conquer anything in the path of the V85, while adding some distinct character to the persona of the motorcycles.

This thing guarantees torquey low-end power that will help you pop over obstacles on the trail, while it’s smooth-running 80 peak horsepower will rocket you around town. And to make it a little more special, it’s a brand new powerplant for Moto Guzzi.

Power is delivered via a new shaft drive transmission, which connects to the rear wheel on the right side of the swingarm out back. Mildly treaded tires go along way here also, offering a perfect balance between on-road grip and enough traction to roost the gravel trails.

Not to mention that we fitted the V85 TT with fully digital instrumentation. The V85 also gets LED lighting up front.

Engine performance isn’t everything. That’s why we fitted the classic enduro with enough travel and ground clearance to soak up anything in its way. A strategically placed monoshock rear shock absorber offers a high-level of adjustability.

Stay tuned to Moto Guzzi USA for updates on specs, pricing and availability in the coming weeks.