The new 2017 MGX-21 garners overwhelmingly positive reviews during the press launch

 Moto Guzzi USA has now launched the new MGX-21 Flying Fortress. In the scenic background of the Black Hills, leading into the infamous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the bold new bagger has been presented to what is arguably the world’s largest concentration of bagger, V-twin, and cruiser enthusiasts. Treated to a plethora of pristine roads, of every variety a motorcyclist could appreciate, journalists were able to thoroughly test the MGX-21 and all of its features. As a result, articles have now begun to appear online, and we would like to share some of the select press clippings.




"A full-on bagger with that can lean deeper into a turn, rev higher, weighs less, and has better brakes than any dresser on the market. It’s the fastest bagger I’ve ever ridden, not because it has the most powerful engine, but because it’s incredibly well balanced."



“After spending two days in the MGX-21’s saddle during its press introduction in the Black Hills (home of the legendary Sturgis bike rally that was set to commence the following weekend), I question just how much of a bagger the Flying Fortress really is. Based on its performance across long, tedious stretches of interstate highways where you can utilize the bike’s standard cruise control and over challenging twisty back roads that favor its taut suspension, my perception is that it’s a bagger-style sport-touring motorcycle. It isn’t compromised by style—no, this thing is a hoot to ride. If you enjoy strafing apexes and bombing broad sweeping turns, yet it’s important that you pack some extra gear for the ride, you’ll walk away from the MGX-21 with a whole new attitude about baggers.”



“The Moto Guzzi MGX-21’s styling, fit, and finish impressed most of the riders I encountered in Sturgis, at my hotel, at gas stops, or at restaurants. A couple riders actually came to a stop, blocking traffic, to ask me about the bike. The entire time I had the Guzzi, I felt like a rock star. They all commented on the MGX’s lines. Most liked the carbon fiber gracing the fenders, gas tank, and saddlebags. ”



“Guzzi engineers nailed the settings out of the box, with a nice balance of comfort and performance. The slick-shifting 6-speed transmission is fairly smooth and engages easily, and the more you ride this new bagger, the more your confidence grows and the more fun your cruise becomes. Lean angle is far more generous than you’d expect, especially compared to the competition. Couple that with superior braking performance from the dual front discs and radial-mounted four-piston Brembo calipers with ABS, and after about 20 minutes, any performance anxiety I might have had completely vanished.”



“While at Sturgis, and every stop heading back to Pennsy, the response was overwhelming, and nearly every one was positive. This was great, even though sometimes you had to hold your bladder for 20 minutes discussing the MGX-21. From Harley-Davidson to Indian to Victory riders, everyone complimented the design, which by consensus, was “bold” and “unique.” The blackedout carbon-fiber (real carbon fiber) and red accents, such as the cylinder heads and Brembo brakes, were mentioned in nearly every conversation.”