The Trophy

The Eagle returns to the track with a trophy organised together with the FMI, dedicated to those who view racing as an opportunity for friendship, passion and fun.
Five 60-minute Fast Endurance races, on board the V7 III, with two-rider teams and a Le Mans-style start.

The Trofeo Moto Guzzi Fast Endurance brings new meaning to track racing thanks to the selection of a bike as easy and intuitive as the V7 III and the framing of the race itself, part of an action-packed weekend of events and collateral activities.


Each event involves a 60-minute “fast endurance” race, with an evocative “Le Mans” style start - with the bikes lined up on one side of the track and riders having to run across the track to the bikes to start - and rider changeovers in pit lane. All the details and regulations are available on the FMI website,


An original formula
- Teams formed of two riders - Five race weekends, with timed practice on Saturday and the race on Sunday
- 60-minute "mini endurance" races with rider changeovers
- "Le Mans" style start


The calendar
race 1 > 14 April - Varano (Parma, Italy)
race 2 > 19 May - Vallelunga (Rome, Italy)
race 3 > 23 June - Magione (Perugia, Italy)
race 4 > 1 September - Adria (Rovigo, Italy)
race 5 > 13 October - Misano (Rimini, Italy)