Wheels and Waves 2018

Moto Guzzi will be a protagonist in the annual festival of Biarritz, from 14 through 17 June.

Attention! Wheels and Waves village has moved to La Halle Iraty, Biarritz.


Wheels and Waves, from 14 through 17 June, is the popular festival on the French Atlantic coast dedicated to the special blend of bikes and surfing that attracts thousands of lovers of a lifestyle for true free spirits every year.


Music, bikes and waves will liven up the Cité de l’Ocean near Biarritz, a holy land for surfers from all over the world. Bikers and surfers, two worlds with the common bond of a rebellious spirit and the desire for freedom that meet and blend in an aesthetic made up of details somewhere between technique and style.


Moto Guzzi will also be present this year and we invite all Guzzisti to take part in one of the coolest events in Europe for two-wheelers.
You will have the chance to test the bikes from Mandello del Lario immersed in the incomparable scenery of the Atlantic coast and to purchase official garments and merchandising at the Eagle brand's stand.


There will be many activities dedicated to members of The Clan, including a group ride out astride your own Guzzi in celebration of participation in Wheels and Waves. The first 5 to register will have the chance to participate, testing one of the bikes made available by Moto Guzzi.


There will also be a big surprise for everyone participating!
On the occasion of Wheels and Waves, 4H10 will present a spectacular special, customised based on the Le Mans III and already under the skilful care of the French tuner for some time now. 4H10 is also very active on social media and impatient to show us the progress being made: follow the Instagram page and the creation of the bike.


However, we will all have a chance to make a contribution to the name of the bike, through the #namemyguzzi initiative. For anyone who would like to participate, privileges and surprises are planned throughout the next September Open House