Moto Guzzi at Essenza

German customizer Radical Guzzi created the Moto Guzzi custom bike MGR 1200 for Essenza design and sprint challenge: a real object of desire.

When the engineering is radically reduced to a mininum, when shapes and lines form a harmonious entity, when every element becomes an eye-catcher in itself, then technology and design have coalesced into a complete work of art.
Engineer Stefan Bronold and designer Kai Riemann, who are being supported by the Piaggio Group in Italy for Essenza, have a greater aspiration for their Moto Guzzi MGR 1200 project than to just get an amazing custombike onto the road. Neither supersport nor retro. The MGR 1200 shows how legendary and timeless Moto Guzzi technology gets optimized with high-tech components to form a coherent and contemporary whole. A motorcycle that complies with the current Zeitgeist and satisfies the fans’ desire for a Guzzi with modern and sporty looks. In times of the Euro 4, it’s not only the highest top speed that counts. It’s more about machines with heart and soul that you can’t get enough of. That’s what the Radical Guzzi MGR 1200 is all about. Omitting the typical bottom rails, a 1.151ccm 90°-V2-engine of a Moto Guzzi Stelvio with 6-gear transmission functions as a supporting element within the frame. With a single swinging arm, mono suspension strut and integrated CA.R.C cardan, the classic Tonti-frame was combined with modern technology in a way that’s unprecedented in the Bellagio series.

For company founder Carlo Guzzi, competitive racing was the best way to advertise his company and to promote sales. Entering long-distance races at first, like the classic Milan – Naples race that was held on public roads, Carlo Guzzi’s bikes soon competed in actual circuit races. Racing legends like Omobono Tenni and Bruno Ruffo are inseperably linked with Moto Guzzi. 14 world champion titles, 11 victories at the TT on the Isle of Man and countless triumphs at national and international races were racked up on Moto Guzzi motorcycles. For Essenza, racing history and customizing enter a fascinating symbiosis. When fine components, detailed technical solutions and sophisticated design meet the latest Moto Guzzi engine technology, passion turns into a true work of art – Emozione e Passione since 1921.