A new, fantastic customization by Officine Rossopuro, created starting from a 1980 Moto Guzzi SP1000.

MagmaMille is a new, fantastic customization by Officine Rossopuro, created starting from a 1980 Moto Guzzi SP1000.

MagmaMille, magma like the lava that flows through the volcano Vesuvius nearby the splendid city of Naples. The colours are reminiscent of it, fiery red, ash grey and the black of the cooled lava rock. A completely revamped motorcycle, an extreme work where no shortcuts were taken, made to astonish but also to be ridden, not a body revisitation or an engine tweak, but something more radical. A new design that revamps every part of the bike in order to obtain something completely different, the combination of modern and vintage.

And this bike is destined for Naples, for a die hard Guzzi enthusiast who wanted a true urban scrambler, a bike to escape city life that could tackle both the typical Neapolitan traffic and suburban streets, climbing up the white roads toward the great volcano.

For this reason, the main idea was to make the bike as light as possible; this is why the lower semi-cradle was removed from the typical Tonti frame, making the engine the bearing component. Also, the rear part of the frame was completely revamped, raised and lightened with a typical double curve often used in older bikes from the '60s and 70's era. Now the electrical system and the lithium battery are hidden in the two triangles that the frame forms.

The use of many aluminium parts create specifically, such as the engine mount, the rear brake calliper support, the fully adjustable Ergal footpegs, the risers the cylinder head guards and much more stems, in fact, from the need to cut down on weight. All parts that are in the Moto Guzzi ORP accessories catalogue. Especially the creation of a rear swingarm made entirely in aluminium saved quite a few kilograms, replacing the original iron part. This solution also allows a much larger 140 Heidenau tyre to be mounted on the rear.

The spoked wheels are tubeless, a 17 inch rear and 18-inch front, with tangential spokes and a generous 320 mm Brembo Serie Oro braking system on the front with double piston Brembo callipers and a 240 rear, also with Brembo callipers. The offroad tyres allow total on/off use of the bike, ensuring safe fun.

The suspension systems are modern and sized for hard use of the bike: 45 mm upside down Marzocchi front fork with dual Bitubo gas shock absorbers on the rear with piggy-back reservoir.

The body was made with the light weight of the bike in mind, but especially easy disassembly and service; the fuel tank is made in two separate pieces and can be disassembled separately using a quick release. It has a large saddle, because this is a bike meant to be ridden, not to be parked in front of your local coffee shop.

The instrument cluster is complete and has a rev counter and speedometer, as well as all the necessary information, complete but minimalist and lightweight that, along with the headlight and the LED turn signals, complete the electrical part, also designed to reduce weight.

Even the finely crafted exhaust was created by Mass Moto following Officine Rossopuro's design. It is a two-in-two with silencers hidden inside the manifolds and a high, parallel dual exhaust output.