An enchanting Columbus Day with Moto Guzzi

Italy's Honour Guard cruised the streets of New York riding California Touring bikes for the traditional parade.

New York (USA), 11 October 2016 - The Italian motorcycle industry's pride and joy was present at the 2016 edition of the Columbus Day parade in Manhattan yesterday.
Italy's Reggimento Corazzieri, the Honour Guard for the President of the Republic, joined in celebrating the discovery of the Americas as they made their way along the traditional route between 5th Street and Central Park. The corps, one of the most prestigious in the Italian Armed Forces, led the parade riding their sumptuous Moto Guzzi California 1400 bikes. It was an exceptional exhibition of the most "American" bike in the Moto Guzzi range; the California was specifically created for the Los Angeles Police Department, which had selected the Italian bikes to patrol California's highways in 1970.


The modern California 1400 carries on the long-standing tradition as it continues to be used by the Cuirassiers. Several historic Moto Guzzi bikes are on display at the "Maggiore Alessandro Negri di Sanfront" Barracks, a testament to the many years of service as the escort for the Italian President.


Ever since Moto Guzzi was founded in 1921, all of its bikes have been handmade at the historic plant in Mandello del Lario; the California is part of the proud tradition. And, as with all Moto Guzzi bikes, they are the perfect blend of history and tradition, a combination of the highest quality standards and the most advanced technology available, including the electronic controls that support the powerful 1400 cc two-cylinder engine, the largest "V-twin" ever produced in Europe.