Moto Guzzi World Club


Our purposes

➢    Promote the interest, knowledge and preservation of historical value Brand Moto Guzzi and motorcycles produced by it

➢    Create and develop ties between the owners of motorcycles Moto Guzzi

➢    Organize events, meetings, conferences, competitions

➢    Spread the national and international mototourism, enhancing and rediscovering the local tourist itineraries thanks to the activities  carried out and exchanges of information between members

➢    Create and develop links with non-profit or other associations, sporting or otherwise, non-profit activities for social, humanitarian, environmental protection, etc., which can be helped through initiatives promoted by Association, in the motorcycle sector or other sectors 

➢    Develop relations with Moto Guzzi S.p.A. and coordinate its activities and its members with those of other clubs, international clubs and brand clubs. For these purposes, the Association will play all those activities relevant to the achievement of social purpose, like providing information and maintaining relations with other organizations and associations in Italy and abroad.