V85 TT MY21

A dream on two wheels

There’s simply no other way to describe the V85 TT and the V8 TT Travel. The Euro 5-compliant engine with greater torque in low and medium speeds delivers a performance that is more powerful and thrilling than ever. Five riding modes mean even the most accomplished riders will find something to set their pulse racing. On the aesthetics front, there are stunning tubeless wheels and striking new graphics that show off every curve of the bike, to say nothing of the effect they’ll have on passers-by as you swoop round the curves of the road. Admit it, you’re already itching to don your helmet!

Embrace the luxury of freedom

There is no doubt that the V85 TT has inherited the Moto Guzzi love of travel. It’s all about adventuring and exploring, and no bike more than this evokes vivid memories of the famous desert competitions of years gone by, such as the Paris-Dakar rally of the 1980s. And, even if the V85 TT is not quite a time machine, it comes close, recreating the freedom and thrills that have made the Mandello eagle so revered over the decades.