Moto Guzzi Launches
2017 V9 Custom Builder Project


2017 V9 Custom Builder Project


Two attributes of the Moto Guzzi brand are individuality and uniqueness. And these two elements only get stronger when someone customizes one of our bikes.

To satisfy these custom cravings, we have launched the 2017 V9 Custom Builder Project. The project targets builders who already have a deep respect for the Eagle brand and are celebrated internationally for their work.

Moto Guzzi USA has commissioned four of the world’s top builders to instill some additional individuality and uniqueness into the V9 platform.

The four builders are:

- Untitled Motorcycles
- Rodsmith Motorcycles
- Revival Cycles
- Moto Studio

The builds are underway, and we will unveil each creation during a special event in the months to come.

We’ll keep the updates coming, but for now here is some background on each of the four builders we have commissioned for the V9 Custom Build Project:


Moto Studio


Located in Miami, Moto Studio is a custom motorcycle shop known for building premium, Italian high-performance bikes. The company is led by Bruce McQuiston, a former Formula 1 tech who has worked a lifetime in the paddock. McQuiston incorporates those skills into his builds.

He has credibility with the Guzzistis, and is connected with high-profile media. He was recently featured on the TV show Ride with Norman Reedus alongside motorcycle celebrity Peter Fonda of Easy Rider fame.

Moto Studio will build a custom motorcycle utilizing the current V9 Roamer platform. The goal is to stick with Moto Studio design philosophies, but retain the design quest of the original V9.


Rodsmith Motorcycles


Led by Australian native Craig Rodsmith, Rodsmith Motorcycles resides just north of Chicago in Lake County, Ill.

Rodsmith has some serious passion for Moto Guzzi motorcycles, which is evident in his famous dustbin racer , a customized 1969 Ambassador. Rodsmith has created customs out of everything from bicycles to World War II fighter planes.

He believes in doing everything by hand and with bare metal, and this extra work surely shows in his motorcycle builds. He’s commissioned to create the Rodsmith “Retro Racer.”


Untitled Motorcycles


Untitled Motorcycles is known for some seriously unique builds, including the Hyper Scrambler that was featured on some of world’s most popular moto websites, including Bike EXIFCycle World, and Jay Leno’s Garage.

Led by Hugo Eccles, Untitled Motorcycles has a shop in London and another in San Francisco, where our commissioned custom V9 will be built.

The name? How about the Untilted Motorcycles Fat Tracker. Additional details to come, but Hugo’s plan is to build a fun bike that gives people an “I want to ride it” impression.


Revival Cycles

What would a custom V9 build project be without Austin’s well-known Revival Cycles? The owners are responsible for the creation of the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show that takes place in Austin during MotoGP weekend, and exploits all sorts of custom motorcycles. Moto Guzzi has been a sponsor of the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show since it began in 2013.


The V9 build will be led by Revival Cycles’ founder Alan Stulberg, who was a judge in the recent TV show Wrench Against the Machine on Esquire TV. Whatever they build is sure to impress!


We’re in the process of gathering up teaser photos all on the builds to share with you all soon. Stay tuned for the highlights in an upcoming Moto Guzzi blog post.