It steps into the middleweight adventure market like it has always been there


The V85 TT is a milestone and a throwback all rolled into one. It takes inspiration from the Paris Dakar races in the 80’s while incorporating 21st century technology. Approaching 100 years of history as a brand, Moto Guzzi has an established reputation for style and an iconic engineering stance – known especially for its v-twin configuration with a longitudinal crank, and shaft-driven motorcycles.
For over 50 years in this configuration, these unique models small block v-twins, best represented with the V7 motorcycle range, provide a visceral rider experience only found with Moto Guzzi.
This classic design is always apparent, with no exceptions to the new V85 TT. It incorporates a new and improved air-cooled small block 850cc v-twin engine that produces more power and torque than that of the V9 range, a care free shaft drive system, allowing enthusiasts to spend more time riding, than maintaining their chain. New with this model is an electronics system that offers all the modern amenities, seamlessly, such as traction control, abs, cruise control, and electronically controlled engine maps, all adjustable to rider preference and terrain.
Together these elements, produce an all-around motorcycle, both versatile and exciting, which is why the industry media is celebrating it as one of the year’s best motorcycles.
As Ryan Adams says “The Moto Guzzi V85 TT steps into the middleweight adventure market like it has always been there and brings with it ample performance on-road and admirable light off-road prowess. The V85 has been a refreshing addition to the list of new motorcycles hitting the market. It doesn’t strive to be anything other than undeniably Moto Guzzi. We can appreciate that. We also appreciate what this machine can do and what it means to the brand.” -Motorcycle.com


If you have not already ridden the V85 TT contact your local dealer today and schedule a test ride.