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V9 Roamer MY20

$ 11,090.00


Versatility has always been a key factor in the success of custom Moto Guzzis. Guzzi enthusiasts have ridden the big California as well as the small Nevada down busy city streets and, with a few changes for luggage, on long and adventurous journeys. Glamorous, easy, convenient and rewarding to ride, like all Moto Guzzis, the V9 Roamer is the Italian custom bike dedicated to the citizens of the world. The Piaggio Group Centro Stile developed the design, with input from the PADC (Piaggio Advanced Design Center) in Pasadena (California), the birthplace of motorcycle trends that then spread worldwide. The V9 Roamer is a superb combination of a classic and essential style with high-level finishings, showing off the unique architecture of the 850 twin-cylinder. Great care has gone into the details of the wheel rims (19" front and 16" rear) painted in matt black and treated with a diamond-cut finish, as well as the multi-function digital dashboard with a single circular dial.


On board comfort is improved on the V9 Roamer MY 17 thanks to a different riding position, dictated by quality crafted footpegs mounted 100 mm farther back and raised 35 mm. The advantage is two-fold: posture in the saddle is more active and extended, therefore ideal for taking full advantage of the chassis architecture qualities and at the same time space and comfort is increased even for taller riders. The saddle is also new - characterized by the generous padding brought out by the stitching - now longer and more comfortable for both rider and passenger and enhanced by the Moto Guzzi logo stitched in grey. The height off the ground is just 785 mm and it is combined with a raised, chromium handlebar with an extremely comfortable grip. This new triangulation thus offers all bikers riding comfort, ease of handling of the vehicle when stationary and feeling during dynamic riding. Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer therefore inherits the legacy left behind by the legendary Nevada 750, still in the range for more than two decades with some appropriate updates, and it strives to be a small granturismo bike, if outfitted with the new genuine accessories designed for travel, such as the larger windshield, the brand new luggage rack with removable backrest and the set of dedicated panniers.

The range of available accessories also includes the forward-set footpegs kit that restores the riding position of the first V9 Roamer series.

The advancements implemented on the 2017 V9 models are also available for the 2016 V9. In fact, the new saddle and the footpegs, decisive elements for the new ergonomics, are available as options and can be installed on the first V9 Roamer series too.


The V9 also upholds Moto Guzzi's successful tradition of keeping the overall weight to a minimum. If the V7 III and California 1400 are already among the lightest bikes in their respective segments. The V9's 199 kg kerb weight is a true record for its class. The reduced mass, combined with the V9 Roamer's superb riding quality and great low-end torque offered by the 850 two-cylinder, gives feeling, handling and unique riding pleasure. The V9 Roamer is a true mid-size light motorcycle, not just for people who love and know Moto Guzzi motorcycle culture, but also those who have always loved the design of custom motorcycles, but have never bought one because of the weight and poor handling of almost all models in the sector.