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V9 Roamer

10.140 €


Exhilarating, lightweight and a joy to ride, the V9 Roamer is the Italian custom bike not only for riders who want to stand out on the city roads but also for long-distance aficionados. Its sleek shape and design combine the classic and the modern in a unique take on the trends of today.


The V9 Roamer was created not only for long road trips but also journeys of the imagination. It is the ideal custom bike for riders pulled by that irrepressible desire for freedom, for those bikers who want to stamp their mark both on the road and in their garage. It’s for those who, donning their helmet, are willing to leave daily routines and pragmatism behind and instead, roll up their sleeves to create their best friend on two wheels.




"V" for Velocity

Maximum fun with minimum effort: the distinctive two-cylinder 850cc transverse engine together with a lightweight body of just 199 kg create extraordinarily intuitive and exciting riding dynamics. The 170-mm single-disc dry clutch delivers seamless, instantaneous changes through its six gears, working in perfect harmony with the engine power to create a truly explosive riding experience.


Great looks

Designed in collaboration with the PADC (Piaggio Advanced Design Centre) in Pasadena, California, the V9 Bomber packs is robust, dynamic and impeccable when it comes to every single detail, right from its matt-black wheel rims (front 19” and rear 16”) with diamond alloy finishing. It comes in a choice of two gloss colours: green (Verde Nobile) and grey (Grigio Eleganza), with gloss black painted mudguards.


Maximum functionality

The circular dial digital instrument panel ensures all information is instantly at hand and easy to read.


Get anywhere at any time!

The V9 Roamer is the perfect companion for long trips thanks to the introduction of twin rear shock absorbers and the innovative and elegant windshield which provides ample protection out on the road.


Safety all the way

Traction control and ABS ensure safe travelling without impeding the riding experience meaning every kilometre on the saddle is a total joy.


It’s the details that make the difference

Moto Guzzi puts the rider firmly in the riding seat when it comes to customising the V9 Roamer, with its range of original parts and accessories all built to the highest safety and quality standards. If touring is your thing, for example, you can personalise your V9 Roamer with a set of leather side satchels and a leather bag to place on the chrome luggage carrier. After all, every passion needs to be able to express itself fully!


Two is twice the fun!

Which is why every V9 Roamer is designed with passenger comfort in mind, for example the saddle position provides greater support and freedom of movement to ensure a more comfortable ride. The pedals have been raised and moved forward to create more space for the driver whilst the wide raised handlebars and height from the ground of just 818 mm mean that you’ll always feel at one with the road, whether you’re in town or out exploring beyond the city limits.