The Moto Guzzi collection of bikes are objects of desire which riders can feel proud to ride and introduce to their friends. The rider is able to show themself off as a true connoisseur as each Guzzi has been made with care using the highest specification materials, technology and finishing.


As a Moto Guzzi owner you enter a lifestyle and a family of other enthusiasts. As an owner you are granted access to bike archives which are frequeently updated with information relating to the restortion, preservation and the proceedures which are necessary to keep your vehicle running. This service is provided through an archive system and includes:


- Issue of certificate of origin: indicating the serial number of the engine and chassis.


- Release of Information related to the historical development of a vehicle is available, through submitting a detailed written request, this will enable you to obtain information and materials such as technical specifications, photographs and documentation which relates to your vehicles of history.