Glemseck 101

In Germany, from 1th to 3rd September with The Clan and Moto Guzzi, in the Europe’s wildest biking festival.

12 years of unique specials and café racers, 12 years of meeting some of Europe’s craziest bike customizers and riders and 12 years of shows, concerts and wild, one-eighth mile races.
Even after 12 years the «Spirit of the 101» is still as strong as ever.
From its humble beginnings as a group of rebel bike customizers with a passion for vintage motorcycles, the café racer and custom bike movement has spread out far and wide and revolutionised the style and design of the entire motorcycling world, but in all of this Glemseck 101 remains the undisputed European point of reference for bike fanatics and fans of the purest essence of motorcycle riding.
So this is an official invitation to all the members of the community: see you at the historic Solitude Circuit in Leonberg, just a short way away from Stuttgart, Germany, for the 12th edition of Glemseck 101.
With a pint of lager in hand we’ll stroll along the strip on the lookout for the most extreme and detailed custom bikes around and cheer on the Moto Guzzis taking part in the legendary one-eighth mile drag race. We will be joined by thousands of other visitors from all over the world, and there will be motor cycling celebrities, international bands and lots of entertainment available.
The official “Moto Guzzi” stand will be displaying some amazing custom bikes based on Moto Guzzi frames, a shop area with the latest range of riding gear and lifestyle accessories and the best of the 2017 range of bikes.
But it doesn’t end there for you members of The Clan, because the welcome that awaits you will be top-drawer, with exclusive experiences that will leave you with an indelible reminder of this event. A portrait set will provide you with a vintage instamatic photo in perfect “101 style” and an opportunity to display your photo on the community photo-wall.
Let’s just say that The Clan will be there and we can’t wait to meet all the members of the community who decide to come along to shake our hands and share the «Spirit of the 101» with us.
Meanwhile, for those who want to uphold Radical Guzzi’s team at the Design Challenge “Essenza” at Glemseck 101, here’s the link to vote for “MGR 1200”, their amazing custom made Moto Guzzi.