Moto Guzzi Experience - Is Molas second edition

October 12-15, Is Molas, Sardinia, Italy. 778km over 4 days and 4 bike-tours.


The warm October sun rises over southern Sardinia and makes the 30 new, sparkling Moto Guzzis from the 2017 range glint as they stand there, all neatly lined up in a row and waiting patiently waiting for the 30 riders from all around the world to take them out on an exciting voyage of discovery, all together.
But this is just the start, the spark that drove us to climb back on these bikes on each of the 4 days of this, the second edition of Moto Guzzi Experience - Is Molas Edition. As for all the other sensations and suggestions, we’ll let the guys, Aldo, Stefano, Marzio, Kari, Morgiana, Francesco, Michele and Christian tell us what it felt like in their own words, which we’ve borrowed and now include in this report.
Thanks to them and to all the other guys who took part and whose comments we’ll leave to your imagination: Dario, Benno, Cristina, Armin, Claudia, Hannes, Cesare, Paolo, Luca, Alberto, Irene, Alessio, Massimo and Antonio.
Thanks for joining us on this Moto Guzzi Experience!
Aldo (nicknamed Mr Smile)
« Friendship: that was the main thing. I immediately felt a relationship growing between us riders and the staff, the kind of spontaneous bond that you only feel when you’re with a bunch of friends. The beauty of the place was truly amazing. The passion, well, these bikes are capable of transmitting a kind of passion that is absolutely incomparable, something indescribable, maybe it’s something to with having a soul. I know it’s a cliché, but it’s the truth: Moto Guzzis really do have a soul. I tried them all and each one was a unique and totally different experience.
Life has lots of different experiences in store for us, and I’ve always tried to enjoy as many of those as possible, but I’ve also learned that sharing those experiences with truly special people always makes them seem even more special. It changes you for the better, and when you get back home you realise that you’re no longer the same person you were before the experience. Now that I’m here, I can honestly say that this has to be the one of the best experiences ever. »
« 4 days of sea, sunshine and absolutely stupendous roads. It’s great to be all together as a group, riding one behind the other as if we were taking part in some sort of parade. Scheduled stops to take in all the beautiful Sardinian sights out of season, interspersed with some amazing rides, some of which even quite challenging, because that’s what Moto Guzzis are all about: freedom, the freedom to explore and to travel, but also ready to be ridden hard as and when necessary.
Each bike has its own personality and it’s hard to say which was my absolute favourite, although I have to say that the Eldorado, notwithstanding its size and all that chrome, really struck me for the way it immediately inspires the rider’s confidence, it was a real revelation.»
« Sunshine, bikes and buddies. It was my first time in Sardinia and it felt as if I was just learning how to drop a bike into a bend. I live in Holland and the roads over there are all dead straight.
I chose a sporty bike to ride, the V7 III Racer, which is very different from my own bike (not a Guzzi – Ed.), and I think that this bike is perfect for these stupendous roads full of bends. »
Kari and Morgiana
« A fantastic, warm October in the Sardinian sunshine, much better than northern Europe. I’m from Finland and she’s from Persia (pointing to his passenger), is that exotic enough for you guys? I got the invitation and immediately jumped at the chance.
Ever since I was a child, which I have to admit was many moons ago, for me Moto Guzzi has always been a bike with style, passion and personality, and that’s precisely what makes them so different from any other bike. I have two of them back home, a California and an Audace that I bought just a week ago, and here I chose an Audace so that I could find out what it’s going to feel like to ride mine. But in addition to the riding and the scenery here, there’s also an important social aspect to this tour as well: a bunch of people with the same mentality, more specifically a “Guzzi-fan” mentality. We come from many different places and many of the guys have never ridden a Moto Guzzi before now, but we’ve all come together and created something really special. »
Morgiana: « I remember when I was just a little girl growing up in my own country, Iran. My dad had a Moto Guzzi and it was absolutely amazing. I’m really happy to be able to be here now, on a new Moto Guzzi and amongst friends. »
« The beauty of this place, the enjoyment of riding the bikes, the bond that has developed amongst this group of guys from different parts of Italy, and beyond, has been truly surprising. I’m kind of a newbie given that I only started riding bike about a year ago, but this V9 Bobber is making me feel very safe indeed, and it feels great. But I also have to say one thing about the Audace: what an engine! »
« On the bike from dawn to dusk. I had never visited Sardinia before and, without wanting to offend anyone, I have to say that God must be a biker, because only a biker could have created a place like this. This experience has allowed be to discover a whole new world, the world of Moto Guzzi that I knew so little about before now. It may just be the sunshine, the sea or the Sardinian air, but this place has spawned the instant bond of friendship and like-mindedness between us that we are all feeling on this holiday. Riding the these two-wheelers makes us all equal, irrespective of whether you happen to be at the front or the back of the pack. The same thing goes for the food: I’m from the Marche region and I really can’t complain about the food back home, but here, both the lunches and the dinners we’ve had have all been incredible, perhaps even too much food, and all extremely tasty. Anyway, from now on it’s V7 all the way! »
« What an amazing feeling it is to be a Guzzi-fan. We had some incredible fun today because a few of roads we took were pretty much like a joyride. The bikes are truly fantastic, and the opportunity to try them all is just as fantastic. We keep on swapping bikes and it’s great fun. I’m a real Guzzi fanatic, I have five Guzzis in my garage, including an MGX-21 and here I had great fun with the V7, which is really nimble and perfect for these roads.
But the greatest and most amazing thing that we will be taking away with us from this place is the group of guys, the energy, the desire to be together and the jokes. We came as simple bikers, but we’ll be leaving here as buddies. »